Fox McCloud Sculpt for polyresin figurine スターフォックス
Product DesignSculptingToy Design
Billy n' Birdy - On the Farm Mobile Game
CartooningCharacter DesignGame Design
IceeStrore! - Mobile Game
BrandingGame DesignGraphic Design
In-Game Real-Time Cinematic
AnimationArt DirectionCinematography
Project SINA - Game Tech Demo
AnimationComputer AnimationGame Design
CookieDough Bites Factory - Mobile Game
AdvertisingCartooningDigital Art
Instant Jam - Social Facebook Game
Digital ArtGame DesignInteraction Design
CookieDough - Mobile iOS and Android Game
Digital ArtGame DesignUI/UX
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Kanga Squid
Character DesignComputer AnimationDigital Art
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Flying Dimorphodon
Character DesignDigital ArtGame Design
Project SINA 3D Game Model - The Land Squid
Character DesignComputer AnimationGame Design
Project SINA 3D Game Model - Robotic Armor
Character DesignCostume DesignDigital Art
Salon - Mobile Game Art
Character DesignDigital ArtGame Design
SINA - Real Time Game Character
Character DesignGame DesignProduct Design
SuperPretzel Toss - Mobile Game Art
Digital ArtGame DesignInteraction Design
Sunnyville Pets - Mobile Game Art
CartooningDigital ArtGame Design
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